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Hi there, I’m Diane Gombart

Professional Agile Coach, Leadership Coaching, Team Facilitator

Helping You designing the conditions for Extreme Learning

Getting Short feedback loops for




Organizational Coaching

Increasing innovation
Raising engagement levels
Boosting motivation
Systemic patterns identification

Team Building

Helping setting up team
Measuring team’s impact
Keeping performance high
Conflicts resolution
Improving collaboration

Products Coaching

Helping Product to define the vision
User story mapping
User story writing 
Measuring Product’s value
Product Discovery

Agile Training & Workshops

Starting with Agile
Scrum workshop
Kanban workshop
Feedback workshop
Conflict resolution workshop

About Me

I am an Agile Coach dedicated to help companies design organization that keep motivation, engagement and performance levels high.

I am an enthusiastic professional who creates the conditions for extreme learnings and short feedback loops.

I’d love to help you discovering how I could help you and what it truly means for you and your organization.

My work is primarily from collaboration, delivery, refleciton and improvement rather than tools and processes. While I value the latter I value more the former.

I am a full time digital nomad between Europe and South America.

I worked with

Curious on how I can help you?

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